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We are Rachel and Chris, more specifically, a late-twenties newlywed-ish (when do we stop using that term?) couple living in Canada’s capital city.


This blog started out as our little way of documenting our rural Ontario life. However, circumstances change, and we now find ourselves in the heart of the capital city, and loving it! While there isn’t a specific theme for this blog, you’ll likely see a lot of cooking, baking, and recipes, homebrew, home design, road trips, simplifying, frugal living, and ‘minimalism lite’. Anecdotes and stories about our day-to-day life are likely to make a frequent appearance too. And occasionally there may even be posts that have nothing to do with any of these topics whatsoever. We’re pretty spontaneous like that.


Likes dancing around the apartment, travel, volunteering, politics, being outside, taking too many pictures, jumping in puddles, blowing bubbles, canoeing, sophisticated hats, bonfires, cabins in the mountains, roadtrips, woodstoves, and wearing dresses.

Hates horror movies, vacuum cleaners, and seafood.


Likes homebrew, psychedelic rock, cooking, laughing at his own jokes, canoeing, riding his bike, good comedy, retro sunglasses, facial hair, skipping stones, finding things he thought he’d lost, seafood, world history, and driving with the windows down.

Hates peanut butter, cellphones, and bureaucracy.


We got married in the pouring rain in September of 2012. You can see a recap here.


Our little family also includes two cats, Ozzie and Grace. You can see some (adorable) photos of them here.


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