CSA Harvest Dinner

This is long overdue, but back in the Fall, we were invited to a harvest dinner at the farm we get most of our food from. We have a weekly food share at Heritage Harvest Farm, and receive a weekly basket full of fresh vegetables, meat, bread, eggs, beans/legumes, grains, and maple syrup.

At the height of the harvest, we joined various other families who are part of the CSA for an amazing farm-fresh dinner at the farm. With the exception of two ingredients (coconut milk in the soup and flour in the dessert), every single ingredient we ate came straight from the farm. We had a fresh green salad, squash soup, roasted beef tenderloin with sides, and a fruit crumble. It was one of the best meals we’d had in a long time!

Here’s a few photos:

2013-10-27 16.09.33

2013-10-27 16.16.33

2013-10-27 16.26.14

2013-10-27 16.29.09

2013-10-27 16.29.41

2013-10-27 16.54.06

2013-10-27 16.56.20

2013-10-27 16.59.58



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