Fall Bucket List

DSC_0068A past fall.

I love fall. It’s by far my favourite season of the year. I love everything about it – the crisp leaves, the fresh, cool air, the smells, the sweaters, and especially, the activities that go with fall (apple picking, pumpkin carving, making cider, having bonfires, etc). If there’s a place in the world where it’s fall all year (weather-wise), please tell me, because I want to move there.


Now that the nights (and mornings) are getting cooler, my autumn-excitement is kicking into high gear. Fall always flies by far too quickly, and I feel like we often talk about all the things we want to do, but only manage to accomplish a couple of them. To try and prevent that from happening this year – we’re putting our fall bucket list in writing!

Here’s what we want to do this year:

  • Go apple picking
  • Make cider
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Have a bonfire with friends
  • Go for lots of hikes to check out the fall leaves
  • Make delicious soups
  • Preserve food for the winter
  • Perfect some fancy hot drinks for cooler weather
  • Visit the best fall fairs in the area
  • Make Thanksgiving dinner
  • Finish the scarf I started knitting for Chris three winters ago (Rachel)

This list is admittedly a little optimistic. Fall has been a short season around here lately, and it’s also a really busy time of year at work, but we’re going to try!


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