Our (Late) Honeymoon

We finally went on our honeymoon last week, which also doubled as our first anniversary trip (can you believe it’s been a year?) We spent a few days in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a beautiful community not far from Niagara Falls. We visited wineries and an awesome craft distillery, ate lots of amazing food, went hiking, got massages, and explored the town and surrounding area, while staying at a gorgeous B&B that served exceptional breakfasts. We had a great time, and hope to go back sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s a few photos from our trip:

2013-09-05 17.20.45 - Copy

IMG_1245 - Copy

IMG_1269 - Copy

IMG_1275 - Copy

IMG_1283 - Copy

IMG_1297 - Copy

2013-09-03 15.32.21 - Copy

IMG_1317 - Copy

IMG_1320 - Copy

IMG_1360 - Copy

IMG_1367 - Copy

2013-09-04 09.23.25 - Copy

IMG_1392 - Copy

IMG_1402 - Copy

2013-09-05 13.07.07 - Copy

2013-09-05 13.09.14 - Copy


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