Our Quirky Little Town

This little town of ours has a pretty quirky personality. We attract a lot of eccentric, artsy types, and that’s reflected in the many festivals we have. This weekend was the annual puppet festival. Professional puppet troupes (yes, that’s a thing) from all over the world descend on the town for the weekend. They perform family-friendly shows in tents all along the main street, and there’s also street performers, a parade, lots of food, and an adult puppet cabaret (think Avenue Q).

Here’s a few (cell phone, sorry) photos of the parade:


Any fans of Under the Umbrella Tree in the house? You might recognize Iggy and Gloria! Little known fact: Under the Umbrella Tree is local to our little town – Noreen Young (centre, with Gloria) created the puppets and the show, and was the voice of Gloria. The other ‘actors’ were local as well. She’s also the driving force behind the puppet festival.









Noreen (mentioned above) also creates puppet doppelgangers for local business owners and prominent people in the town. Above is Baker Bob, with his mini-me. I did say it was a quirky place!


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