Our First CSA Basket – and a Garden Update!

We got our first CSA basket today! We are so excited to cook up some delicious fresh food.

In our first basket we received:

  • 1 whole (huge!) chicken
  • 2 pork chops
  • A good sized packet of lean ground beef
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 2 loaves of delicious bread
  • A big bunch of lingonberries
  • Green onions
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Turnips
  • Rhubarb

2013-07-03 19.17.04

2013-07-03 19.20.55

2013-07-03 19.14.29

2013-07-03 19.14.58

2013-07-03 19.16.23

As we mentioned when we first talked about our CSA, all of the food is organic, free-range, hormone-free, and pasture-raised (the animals eat a natural diet, primarily grass and foraged foods as they’re given free range of the fields and surrounding forest on the farm). It’s great knowing that we’re eating not only high-quality food (that tastes fantastic), but also food that is more ethical and sustainable than anything in the supermarket. We know where the food comes from, we interact with the farmers who grow it/raise it, we’re able to see the farm and its practices first-hand, and we know it hasn’t traveled a long way to get to us, thus reducing the overall footprint of each meal. All good things!

We also went over to do some light weeding in our garden. Thanks to all the rain, it’s been growing like mad! We have tons of herbs (we picked some cilantro, oregano, and sage today), and our peas are almost ready. We also have more Swiss chard than we know what to do with! Nothing else is ready yet, but it’s all coming along nicely.

Here’s how the garden currently looks:

2013-07-03 19.07.15

2013-07-03 19.02.16

2013-07-03 19.02.50

2013-07-03 19.03.21

2013-07-03 19.03.29

2013-07-03 19.03.47

Right now Chris is in the kitchen cooking up pork chops from our CSA, seasoned with fresh herbs from our garden. He’s sauteeing thinly sliced radishes from the CSA with lots of garlic to go with them. It smells amazing!

UPDATE: Here’s that delicious dinner I was just talking about. The salad is a mix of arugula and Swiss chard (from our garden), lettuce and kale (from our CSA), with radishes, red peppers, and cucumber. Chris is a bit disappointed that he didn’t think to add some fresh feta that we got from the local cheesemaker (Back 40 Cheese). We finished off the meal with some homemade strawberry ice cream that we made last week with fresh berries from the farmer’s market.

2013-07-03 20.06.35


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