The Last Couple of Weeks

Not too long ago, both of us joined the 21st century and upgraded our phones to smartphones (Android, specifically), which means we now have decent cameras on-hand at all times. This has significantly improved our track record for taking pictures of the day-to-day, which is pretty beneficial for blogging purposes.

Here’s a snapshot of our last couple of weeks, starting with a visitor in our backyard:

2013-05-30 07.22.23

Found a new trail to hike on:2013-05-20 13.51.49

Spent some time down by the river:2013-05-20 14.34.34

Our cats despise the vacuum cleaner (like me!) and hide in the bathroom: 2013-05-25 12.53.02

Seven of our friends ran the Ottawa half-marathon last weekend – here’s Julie, Rachel, and Genny post-race:2013-05-26 15.30.36

Tracey, Bimm, Titus, and Rachel enjoy birthday celebrations on the Clocktower Patio:2013-05-26 18.52.56

Tracey, Bimm, and Titus:2013-05-26 19.07.57

Apparently someone told a funny joke:2013-05-26 19.24.21

Genny, Julie and I, at another pub post-race:2013-05-26 20.36.02

Seedo, BMO, and Matt:2013-05-26 20.36.59

Post-work picnic at our favourite spot:2013-05-27 18.10.28

Delicious:2013-05-27 18.13.29

Such a pretty spot:2013-05-27 18.39.44

Trying to get a photo – backlit by the sun:2013-05-27 18.42.09


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