Self-Sufficiency Skills Challenge: An Update

Those of you who’ve been here a while may remember that last year we started a self-sufficiency skills challenge. We made a list of skills we wanted to learn, and set a goal to start teaching ourselves. Although progress has been slow, we have checked a couple of things off our list!

Below is the list as it currently stands, with a couple of items crossed off that have been completed. We’ve also turned those items into a hyperlink to connect them to the relevant blog post.

Here’s our list!

Make homemade pickles

Make homemade pasta

Make salsa

Make red pepper jelly

Prepare starter plants for the garden and don’t kill them this time

Learn how to use the sewing machine

Organize and stock the pantry

Make a sourdough starter (and then use it to make bread)

Can tomatoes

Make applesauce

Brew hard cider

Make and preserve jam

Preserve/can rhubarb

Make homemade ketchup

Make yoghurt

Make ricotta

Brew homemade wine

Build a DIY bike cargo solution

Make rock candy

Learn how to darn socks

A couple of new additions:

Learn how to knit something more complicated than a scarf

Reupholster our kitchen chairs

Actually make at least 3 of the crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest


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