Blogging Delinquents

I know, I know, we disappeared again. I blame school! But now that at least one of us is done school (that’d be me, Chris is in his last semester), I figure it’s time to get on top of blogging again. Theoretically. We’ll see how this goes :)

To get started, here’s a little glimpse into what we’ve been up to lately:

Mmm… cake!

2013-03-19 17.53.05

Delicious breakfast.2013-03-23 11.53.58

Earth Hour.2013-03-23 20.27.47

Family Pictionary at Easter.2013-03-30 20.50.26

D’aww…2013-04-07 22.08.03

Being ridiculous.2013-04-07 22.21.11

Playing Cards Against Humanity with Chris’ family on a recent trip.2013-04-28 22.18.44

2013-04-28 22.31.03

Stopped in one of our favourite Peterborough restaurants for lunch on the way home.2013-04-29 14.11.01

Cayenne butter chicken and the best sweet potato fries in the world. 2013-04-29 14.11.17

Making homemade pasta (recipe coming soon!)2013-04-30 15.28.59

Pasta on the drying rack.2013-04-30 15.39.56

Rivals for Catan.2013-04-30 21.23.34

Patio season begins! 2013-05-05 11.17.10

Grace ‘helping’ Chris floss.2013-05-12 12.09.47

Rachel F was visiting for a couple of days. Lots of cooking and baking ensued!2013-05-12 21.15.23

Our garden is planted! 2013-05-18 16.01.00

Our herbs came back from last year, so they’re already looking great.2013-05-18 16.01.10

Love lilac season, everything smells amazing.2013-05-18 16.03.21


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