Date Jar

I’m not really sure where to credit the inspiration for this craft project to, as I’ve seen it pop up on Pinterest from so many different sources that I can’t even hazard a guess as to who thought of it first.

A date jar is basically what it sounds like – a jar full of dates (not the edible kind…). The premise is that when you’re searching for inspiration for a date night, and don’t want to do the usual dinner and a movie, you pull something new out of the jar, and you do that. It’s an incredibly simple craft project that just about anyone can handle. All you need is some colourful popsicle sticks (or plain ones and some colourful paint or markers), a black permanent marker, and a jar large enough to contain your popsicle sticks.


I picked up a package of XL crafty popsicle sticks at the dollar store, which came in 5 colours. This worked out perfectly, as I had 5 categories I wanted to sort the dates into. If you can’t find coloured popsicle sticks, you can just buy the plain ones, and paint the ends the colours you want to use.

Once I had the sticks, I then assigned each colour a category.

Yellow = At home date, little/no cost or advanced planning required. For example, have a board game night, eat snack food and watch a favourite comedy, etc.

Purple = At home date, some cost and/or advanced planning required. For example, delivery and documentaries (order take out and watch a documentary).

Blue = Going out, little/no cost or advanced planning required. For example, go for a bike ride in the country, go skating, go to the beach.

Green = Going out, some cost and/or advanced planning required. For example, lunch and a museum, go for a picnic.

Red = Going out, significant cost or advanced planning required (special occasions). For example, spend a night at a B&B, go to a festival out of town.

From there, it was simply a matter of coming up with date ideas for each category, and writing each date idea on the correct coloured popsicle stick with the permanent marker.

Not having any luck coming up with creative date ideas? There’s lots of inspiration on the web. A couple of examples:

Love the Grows (probably the best list I’ve found so far)

Life in the Green House

Once you’ve finished writing out all your dates, you simply drop them in a jar (or other similar vessel) and you’re done! Now whenever you find yourself asking ‘what do you wanna do tonight?’ – you can pull something from the jar and try something new.


One thought on “Date Jar

  1. I love that there are categories – very realistic, although I think our cheap last minute sticks would run out very quickly. ;-) I like the idea of coming up with the ideas together, too – sort of a date all its own. Thanks for sharing!

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