Photo credit: Brent Eades

On September 8th, we finally made it official and got married. On September 8th, it also rained like I have never seen before. By early afternoon, we already had 40mm of rain accumulated, and had already had 4 thunderstorms. But then, 20 minutes before our ceremony, the skies cleared, giving us enough of a break in the weather to get married outside, as originally planned. It was a wonderful day, full of love, warmth, and there was a whole lot of DIY (how could there not be?) Many people had told us that the most amazing part about your wedding day is having all the people you love in one room, showing their love and support, so while we were somewhat prepared for that, we were still blown away by what an incredible feeling that truly is. Thank you to everyone who made our wedding day so special!

There will likely be a couple of DIY related posts coming up related to the wedding, but in the meantime, here‘s a sneak preview of our wedding photos, shared by our amazing photographers, BH Photography.


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