Skills Challenge # 1: Prepare starter plants for the garden and don’t kill them this time

So, as promised, here is our first attempt at one of our weekly skills challenges! We decided to start with something easy, and started some potted herbs today that will eventually be transplanted into our garden. We tried this last year, and although we got off to a good start, we ended up killing them all, so we’re hoping for better results this year!

To start, you’ll need seeds for the plants you want to start, potting soil, small pots (or any other small container that you can use as a plant pot), and a sunny, indoor spot to set up. If your pots don’t have drainage at the bottom (ie. holes for excess water to drain out) you’ll also want some small rocks that you can put at the bottom of your pots to allow drainage.

Step One: Get out your plant pots, and if necessary, add some small rocks to the bottom to enhance drainage.

Step Two: Fill your pot with potting soil, leaving a bit of space at the top.

Step Three: Plant your seeds according to the directions on the seed packet (paying attention to how deep, and how far apart they should be planted).

Step Four: Put your plants in an appropriate place (most starter seeds need full sun, but not all – check your seed packet to be sure), and water them. Also, don’t forget to label them so you know what’s growing in each pot!

(The already growing plant is parsley transplanted from our garden last year that we miraculously managed to keep alive all winter)

Bonus Tip: If you have a ‘chip clip’ (those little plastic things used for sealing open chip bags) in the house that doesn’t get a lot of use, they’re great for keeping half empty seed packets together and well-sealed.

So like we said, a pretty easy challenge this week, but now the real question is, can we keep them alive?


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