Self-Sufficiency Skills Challenge

We have a long list of self-sufficiency skills that we’ve been meaning to learn, but they somehow always get pushed down the priority line in our day-to-day life. We’ve decided to create a little challenge for ourselves to get back on track. We wrote up a list of all the skills we want to learn over the coming months, and our aim is to try at least one of these new skills per week, and then blog about it for your amusement. While there may be the occasional week where we just don’t get to it, we’ll try to make up for that with other weeks where we fit two challenges in. We won’t be completing the challenges in the order they’re listed below, but rather in the order that makes sense given the season, weather, and availability of products. We may add other challenges to the list as they occur to us, so consider this an ever-evolving project.

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Here’s our list!

Make homemade pickles

Make homemade pasta

Make salsa

Make red pepper jelly

Prepare starter plants for the garden and don’t kill them this time

Learn how to use the sewing machine

Organize and stock the pantry

Make a sourdough starter (and then use it to make bread)

Can tomatoes

Make applesauce

Brew hard cider

Make and preserve jam

Preserve/can rhubarb

Make homemade ketchup

Make yoghurt

Make ricotta

Brew homemade wine

Build a DIY bike cargo solution

Make rock candy

Learn how to darn socks

As I mentioned above, this is an evolving list and we’ll probably add other challenges as ideas occur to us, but this is definitely a start and should keep us busy over the spring and summer!


4 thoughts on “Self-Sufficiency Skills Challenge

  1. Great idea to re-frame it as a challenge. I have a similar list in the back of my head, but it sure does get shuffled around by daily life. I DO have some tips on starter plants that might help you – looks like mine might make it this year for once. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about darning socks!

    • @Little Sis – I was just reading your post about starter plants – some great advice! We’ll have to try some of your tips this year – see if we’re met with more success than last year!

    • Ohh you’re brave! We want to try soap eventually, but I’m irrationally afraid of the lye (especially in our small, poorly ventilated apartment) so that may be a project for another time when we have a bit more space to work with! Let me know how the mozzarella goes, maybe that’s something we can try!

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