Purging My Magazine Collection

I’m a very visual person, and as a result, I love magazines. They’re my guilty pleasure. I subscribe to at least 3 or 4 different magazines, and often pick up others while in line at the checkout or picking things up at the pharmacy. The downside to this habit is I now have piles and piles of magazines all over the house, taking up space and causing clutter. Most of these magazines have recipes, design inspiration, DIY projects, or other ideas that I want to make use of, but I never actually use them because I can never remember which project I saw in which magazine, and there’s too many of them to go searching through them every time I want to use a recipe.

Quite the collection…

While we were visiting Barrie last weekend, we were watching a morning show (I forget which one) and they had an organization expert on the show who was sharing her favourite tips for organization. One of the tips she shared was for organizing content from magazines, and while the idea is nothing revolutionary or new, it did inspire me to finally get my magazines organized.

Basically what you need is a few 1″ binders from the dollar store, and a bulk supply of those clear plastic 3-ring sheet protectors. Each binder gets a category (I picked up four binders, and my categories are Recipes, Home Decor Inspiration, Tips and Tricks, and DIY and Crafts). Pick a day when you’ve got a good stretch of time free, and pull out all of your magazines. Flip through each magazine and cut out any content you want to keep (an X-acto knife is a lot more efficient than scissors for this) and sort everything you cut out into piles according to the categories you decided on for your binders.

Sorting into categories.

Once you’ve gone through all your magazines and cut out everything you want to keep, you can slot all of your cuttings into the plastic sheet protectors and put them in the appropriate labelled binders. Magazines that you haven’t hacked up too much can then be donated to a doctor’s office or dentist, or possibly even an elementary school (who might use them for collages and other crafts) and anything that you’ve really mangled can be recycled.

Now all of the useful content from the magazines is neatly sorted and easily accessible. If you want to be extra-organized, you can subdivide your binders into more specific categories using dividers or mini-post-it tabs (for example, you may want to break down your Recipe binder into smaller categories, such as baking, main dishes, appetizers, etc). You can stay on top of the organization by keeping little post-it tabs handy when you’re reading new magazines in the future – you can then stick a tab to anything you want to save as you read it, which saves you going back through it later to find useful content. When you’re finished with that magazine, just go back to your tabs and cut out those pages and slot them into your binders. Done and done.


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