Life in the Year 2012 (so far…)

So I know we’ve been terrible at updating lately. January and February always seem to be those months that drag on and on, which tends to lead to a lot of time spent watching movies in our pyjamas and doing nothing exceptionally blog-worthy. But! Spring is slowly approaching, which means we’ve stopped being quite so lazy as of late. Here’s a little preview of what we’ve been up to, and we have more posts lined up for this coming week, including a great banana chocolate chip pancake recipe, a preview of our engagement photos, a DIY tutorial for button boutonnieres, and an organization solution for people who subscribe to too many magazines (guilty…). Enjoy!

We wanted to try out the new stirfry bowls and chopsticks we got for Christmas, so Chris whipped up a Thai curry. It was delicious!

Welcome to our kitchen brewery… a carboy full of raspberry wheat beer:

One of the projects I’ll be posting about later this week. I have way too many magazines, and although I theoretically save them because I want to use recipes or other ideas from them in the future, it never happens because I can never remember which recipes are in which magazines. I’m finally getting organized! More details later this week.

Last weekend we went up to my Aunt Liane and Uncle David’s farm and spent a snowy afternoon hiking with the dogs and relaxing by the woodstove in the farmhouse. A perfect way to spend a cold afternoon.

Chris’ good friend Cam (who is also the best man in our wedding) came down for a visit, and we all went suit shopping for the wedding. Here’s Chris and Cam showing off their wedding suits:


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