Some Recent Vintage Finds

This is a post we’ve been meaning to write for a while. We enjoy picking up vintage pieces for our apartment at markets, antique stores, and garage sales, and we’ve collected a few things lately.

A few weeks ago we found a few things at a place called the Tin Barn Market, a place just out of town (which has now set up a holiday store in town!). We got a pretty funky suitcase, a stylish lemonade jug, a small bowl (which is perfect for stashing keys, change, and sunglasses), and some silver platters. We need to figure out how to polish the platters without using chemicals, so that will be a DIY post for another day.

Here’s the vintage suitcase:

At the local vintage store I picked up a nice mini-gingham red shirt. Judging by the size of the collar it looks like it was from the 70s. It cost $30 but the shirt is in excellent condition and made by a reputable Canadian company (Lipson), whose shirts sell for around $160 new. From the same store, I also picked up a Harris Tweed riding jacket for only $25, a great price for a quality jacket. Both items have become part of my wardrobe and I even wore them at our engagement photo shoot last week.

As an early birthday present, Rach surprised me with a 3-piece tweed suit that she found on eBay, something I’ve been wanting for a long time. The suit is made by Hart Schaffner & Marx, a prominent British company whose suits sell for around $1000 new. Rach found this vintage piece in immaculate condition for 1/10th of the original purchase price, and it only needs minor tailoring.

So that’s that, our latest vintage finds. Shopping this way is always an adventure, and you really can find some pretty awesome stuff. Doesn’t hurt that buying used is better for the environment!


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