A Late Night Epiphany

Last night I couldn’t sleep. An unconventional work schedule led to me being wide awake at five in the morning. I figured a hot drink with a bit of a kick might do the trick. I started to heat up milk in a pot and started flipping through my cocktail book. Nothing looked good so I decided to improvise.

I bust out the vanilla infused vodka we made with a leftover vanilla bean and as I didn’t fancy scotch I opted for Drambuie—a whisky made with herbs.

After the milk had boiled I added the alcohols to the milk to taste. It turned out better than I had expected! The vanilla wasn’t overpowering, just a pleasant aroma and a light taste, while the sweetness of the honey and the slight spiciness of the Drambuie really added to the overall flavour.

I used about 2oz of the vanilla vodka and 3/4oz of Dram for a reasonably sized mug of hot milk. It wasn’t strong tasting and really hit the spot.

This may become my drink of choice for cold winter nights!


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