Homemade Coffee Liqueur

On Sunday Rach and I were bored and got to talking about coffee liqueurs. On a whim we decided we’d make our own! Yeah!

We went to the LCBO; grabbed a bottle of dark rum, headed for the natural food store for vanilla beans—it was closed—zoomed to the grocery store and bought a couple of beans and headed home.

The basic ingredients! Those are vanilla pods in my hand, not a cigar…

We scoured the internet for a good recipe, but they all seemed to conflict with each other. Some used four cups of water, two cups of sugar and two cups of vodka (or rum); while others used two cups of water, 3 cups of sugar and a whole 26er (750mL) of liquor.

We opted for the middle ground and decided on three cups of water, three cups of sugar and three cups of rum. Oh right, and half a cup of fresh ground coffee and a vanilla bean.

First boil the water in a pot. Once boiled, add the sugar. Mix until dissolved. Once the sugar has been added and dissolved (the process shouldn’t take more than five minutes), let the syrup cool a bit and add the coffee. Forget about the coffee mix for a bit and make pizza. Once you’ve eaten, you are ready to move onto the next steps.

In our excitement to make the coffee liqueur we forgot we don’t own any large, airtight containers that are large enough to contain the whole batch. So three large mason jars it was… We cut the vanilla bean in three, and split the pieces down the middle so the seeds and the resin inside could mix with the rum. We put each vanilla third into a mason jar, added one cup of the coffee/sugar/water mixture (including grinds) and added a cup of rum to each of the jars. The volume of each jar is about two cups.

Again, not thinking the process through properly, I forgot to consider that adding three cups of sugar and a half cup of coffee to three cups of water is not going to leave me with just three cups of coffee… Not wanting to waste this delicious coffee; I figured I’d toss part of a second bean I had into another mason jar with the coffee and instead of rum I added vodka.

For the next three to four weeks I’ll be shaking them on a semi-daily basis, and storing them in a cool, dry place. Then the jars should be ready to be strained of coffee grinds, bottled and drank. I’ll let you know how it tastes!


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