The Best Season of the Year

I love fall, and this weekend was the first chance we’ve had to get out and really enjoy it. We kicked off our weekend with a kayak trip with my dad on Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, sunny, and just warm enough to get away with a light sweater. We spent most of the afternoon kayaking down the Mississippi River. My dad put together this little video (he has a tripod that mounts on the front of his kayak):


Today was another gorgeous day, sunny and 20 degrees. Chris was in a cooking mood, so he decided to make crepes with fresh raspberries and blackberries for breakfast. After that, we decided to venture out to Kilmarnock (a tiny island not terribly far from where we live) and go apple picking – we ended up with 20 pounds of apples! On that note – prepare to see a lot of apple-related posts in the next few weeks! After apple picking, we drove to Merrickville, which is just a bit beyond Kilmarnock, and had some lunch and browsed some of the local stores and antiques markets. After we got home, Chris was still in a cooking mood so he decided to make some homemade salsa verde, and then some homemade enchiladas to go with it. They were quite good, very spicy! Chris will likely post the recipe for those (and the salsa verde) sometime soon too.

Here’s a few photos from our apple-picking outing, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Best Season of the Year

  1. Aw you guys are so cool. I wish I had gone kayaking, this weekend was pretty good weather wise. I will admit that Fall does have a couple good days.

    Also great video.

    Also 20 lbs of apples! Send me some :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your kayak trip. I sure did too. If you happen to have any, oh you know, leftover apple pie or anything there’s someone three blocks down Ottawa Street who would happily consume it :)

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