An August Weekend

Cooler weather means we got to spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend. Friday night we spent a couple of hours in the garden, getting the pesky weeds back under control and doing some harvesting (more on that later). Saturday evening we went to a BBQ with friends from the Bike Month committee right down the road. Our hosts, J and R, are a few years older than us and have the kind of backyard we’d love to have in the not-too-distant future. A huge garden, a chicken coop with four laying hens, lots of trees (including a beautiful willow), a fire pit, a large workshop, and a beautiful sitting area with lights strung up in the trees. It was a potluck style BBQ with lots of local foodies, so of course, the food was amazing.

Sunday, my Aunt Liane and Uncle David invited us up to their farm for a little engagement celebration. It’s always fun visiting their rustic 200-acre farm, going for hikes on their property, and visiting with their (huge!) dogs.

Checking out the giant squash plant.

Woody – who’s actually quite a large dog but looks tiny compared to Charlie and Jasper.

Jasper, the gentle giant.

Charlie trying to chew through Jasper’s leash (note – those are pony leashes!)

Preparing lunch in the kitchen.

Chris and Jasper walking up ahead.

The farmhouse peeking over the trees.

Wading through the tall grass and goldenrod.

Erica and Matt.

Kisses from Jasper.




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