Some News…

So we figure it’s about time we let those of you out in blogland in on our exciting news – we’re engaged!

While driving home from our holiday out East, we found a beautiful park in the mountains in Maine, right by a beautiful river, and decided to stop to stretch our legs and take a little break from driving.

Specifically, right here.

As a backstory, we’ve been reading Postsecret together every Sunday for the two and a half years we’ve lived together – it’s our lazy Sunday morning tradition to lounge in bed and read the Sunday Secrets. So anyway, we were stretching and enjoying the scenery, when Chris told me he had something for me. He pulled out one of the Postsecret books and gave it to me. When I opened the book, I found an additional postcard slipped into the pages, which looked like this:

On the back of the postcard was a written message about how excited he was to spend the rest of his life with me.

Of course, I said yes!


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