A Busy July Weekend

We’ve been going through quite a heat wave this week, but that didn’t prevent us from enjoying the sunshine this weekend with a packed schedule of events. We kicked off Saturday morning with the unveiling ceremony for the new Dr. James Naismith statue here in town, then hit the road to Cornwall for the wedding reception of Chris’ good friend Becky, before heading back to town today for the Midsummer HerbFest, an annual event held just outside of town celebrating all things environmentally friendly. Here’s some pictures!

The crowds assemble for the unveiling.

Jim Naismith, Dr. Naismith’s grandson (who looks just like him!)

Another of Dr. James Naismith’s grandsons.


Even Will and Kate were kind enough to stop by!

At the wedding reception! Chris with beautiful bride Becky on the left, and the lovely Katie on the right.

Chris with two of his old roommates, Sasha and T.

Chris fits in a dance with the bride at the end of the night. Dancing (and singing) to their old karaoke favourite ‘Love Shack’.

At HerbFest.

Chris relaxing in the shade, with some delicious half-melted homemade chocolate gelato in the foreground.

Mmm… gelato.

People checking out the herb gardens.

Chris once again decided I needed to show up on the blog a little more often. Still looking a bit tired from the wedding reception here.

A great bluegrass/folk band called the Ottawa Valley Special.


3 thoughts on “A Busy July Weekend

  1. @Kemi – Dr. James Naismith invented basketball :) He was born and raised in our town, and invented the game while he was teaching at the college level down in the States – he needed something to entertain the men he was teaching during the cold winter months, so he made up a game based on his favourite childhood game called ‘Duck on a Rock’. The game he invented became basketball. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzsbZ3oem3Y

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! And I learned something new…I was going to ask who Dr. Naismith was, too. This is also making me think that for someone who loves photography, I need to be better about remembering to take pictures of even the every day stuff we do. I sometimes forget.

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