Cilantro and Blue Cheese Lamb Burgers

On the weekend we bought some ground lamb at the farmers market, so we thought – why not make some homemade burgers!

Rach made hers with just mozzarella, but I spruced mine up with homegrown parsley and rosemary, some cilantro and blue cheese.


1 egg
1 lb. ground lamb
Lea & Perrins
Blue cheese

Here are the steps:

Beat an egg in a bowl.
Mix the lamb with chopped cilantro, rosemary, and parsley. Add minced garlic and a few splashes of Lea & Perrins, and finally, mix in some of the blue cheese. Mix this all together with the beaten egg, which will hold the burger together.
Form the mix into burgers (of any appropriate size. We made quarter pounders but remember the burgers will shrink when they cook!).

Heat some olive oil in a pan and cook the burgers on a medium heat (if you prefer, you can barbeque them – we don’t have a BBQ though).

When they’re nearly done, melt some more blue cheese on top of the burgers.

In an additional pan I sauteed shallots in olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It doesn’t take long, just keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

I served mine garnished with fresh kale and sliced tomato on a whole grain bun. It was fantastic.

Note: I don’t like to specify amounts when it comes to ingredients as sometimes I find the results are disastrous. If you really enjoy an ingredient – add lots; if you just want a hint of flavour from a specific ingredient just add a small amount.

I hope you enjoy lamb burgers as much as we do!


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