Our Garden

We live in an apartment, so access to gardening space can be a challenge. Luckily for us though, my parents live in town, and my mom’s house has a huge backyard (which was once home to a large garden when I was growing up). That large garden had since been replaced by a couple of tiny gardens along the fence, since it’s a lot of work to maintain a full-size garden when you work full time and no longer have kids at home to help. This Spring we talked to my mom and proposed rebuilding the large garden from scratch, on the condition that it would become a shared project. In exchange for access to the land, we would help rebuild the garden, do the planting, keep on top of the weeding (we go over most weekends for a couple of hours to keep on top of this), and when the time comes, help with the harvesting.

So, lets take a look at our garden, starting with its humble beginnings and taking you up to how it looks currently.

My mom teaching Chris how to use a rototiller.

We meant to take a proper before shot, but we forgot. Here’s an ‘almost’ before shot, when Chris had just started rototilling.

Before – from a different angle.

Starting to look like a garden…

Nearly there…

Fence up, and a few plants in – garden in need of weeding!

Another shot from the early days, a few plants here and there…

Our makeshift gate on the end.

And finally…

Looking good! We took this shot this weekend, and as you can see, things are coming along nicely!

We are growing:

-Swiss chard




-Red onions


-Butternut squash




-Heirloom tomatoes

-A variety of hot peppers

-Red peppers

-Green and yellow beans





-And I think that’s it…

In our window herb garden (in our apartment) we’re growing:








As strawberries come into season, we’ll be making our first foray into preserving with an attempt at strawberry jam, more on that later!


4 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. Wow! You guys are growing a lot! I still haven’t gotten all of my garden in, and every time I put more plants in, it freaking storms. Like yesterday, I put a bunch of corn plants into the garden, and what happened? It stormed with gale force winds. Nice, huh? it’s been a miserable spring in Chicago, and now we’re entrenched in storm central.

    I also discovered, while weeding yesterday, a nest with five baby bunnies in it. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, too.

    • PS. Went to survey the garden today, and all of those corn plants got knocked to hell and back and are gone. I’m holding out hope two of them will survive, but really, I think they’re just done. Most of the pumpkin plants got murdered by the storm, too. So sad.

      Do you think you have better luck with directly in the ground rather than raised beds?

  2. Hey Marty!

    I think we’re partially lucky because we’re not in a very stormy area in the first place – and as our garden is right in the ground and protected by a solid fence, the odd time a bad wind does pick up, it’s fairly well protected. We did lose a few plants to frost at the beginning of June (sigh, that’s Canada for you) but no serious damage done!

    @Clydia – Thanks! :D

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