Life To-Do List

A year or two ago, we started coming up with our ‘Life To-Do List’ (also called a Bucket List) together one rainy afternoon when we’d run out of other things to do. We had fun brainstorming our must-do activities for our life together, but then kind of forgot about the list until we stumbled back across it yesterday. It’s by no means a complete list. It will be ever growing, ever changing and evolving, but here’s what we have so far!

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1.       Go on a safari

2.       Preserve things we grew ourselves (Happening this summer!)

3.       Go to South America (Technically Rachel’s already been, but we want to go together)

4.       Go to New Zealand

5.       Start a small business

6.       Go to the Yukon

7.       Own two goats

8.       Own a crested duck

9.       Have a house in the country

10.   Build a sauna

11.   Take an art class

12.   Make homebrew (Done! Watch for Chris’ DIY Homebrew Tutorial, coming soon!)

13.   Grow a sunflower garden

14.   Travel around Scandinavia (Rachel lived in Sweden for a year and traveled around Scandinavia quite a bit. She absolutely loved it and we want to go back together)

15.   Get married

16.   Chris: Learn to play the banjo/Rachel: Learn to play fiddle

17.   Be self-sustaining

18.   Write a book

19.   Have 2 kids

20.   Raise above children well

21.   Go to more museums (When Chris became a Canadian citizen he was given a free pass to all of Ottawa’s museums, so we really have no excuse not to go)

22.   See Pop Life Exhibit

23.   Take the train across Canada

24.   Go to a World Cup

25.   Go to Angkor Wat

26.   Go to Croatia

27.   Go to Czech Republic

28.   Go to Madagascar

29.   Go to Japan

30.   Go for a hot air balloon ride

31.   Go on a roadtrip in a vintage VW bus

32.   Build a school – maybe with SchoolBox? (A local charity here)

33.   Go to Bhutan

34.   Get a dog

35.   Raise chickens

36.   WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

37.   Buy a record player

 What’s on your bucket list?


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