Aruba 1955-1957

Rachel here, writing on my own while Chris is off at work :)

I wanted to share the following video clip. My grandpa was an avid photographer, meaning he always had fairly advanced equipment for his time. Because of this, I’m so incredibly lucky to have not just colour photographs, but colour home videos from the 1950s, when my grandparents lived in Aruba. The clip below is a video my dad put together with an assortment of clips from 1955-1957. The woman you’ll see frequently in the video with chin-length dark brown hair and cats-eye sunglasses is my grandmother, and at 0:55, you’ll see my great-grandfather (in the fedora) holding my dad (the baby), sitting next to my grandpa (the stylish one in the wayfarers) sitting on the beach. I find this video so fascinating to watch, not only because it’s my own history and heritage, but because it’s also the only footage I’ve ever seen from that era that isn’t either black and white news footage, or heavily produced studio footage for TV.

Due to certain privacy settings, you may or may not be able to watch the embedded clip – but if you click and it doesn’t work, it should give you the option to ‘Watch on YouTube’, which should work!


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