Our House

Despite having a CD collection of upwards of 150 albums, there’s approximately 3 that we agree on, so roadtrips typically consist of those 3 albums on repeat. One of those albums is Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Déjà Vu” – the album that gave the world ‘Our House’. Whenever this song comes on, we typically end up singing along at full volume (badly), throwing in extra enthusiasm for the verse of “la la la’s”. This song came on when we were stuck in epic traffic in Toronto recently, and given that we weren’t moving, we upped the theatrics with lots of whimsical swaying and grand arm gestures to accompany the singing. The poor commuter who was stuck in the car next to us couldn’t stop staring. Good times. So, without further ado, we bring you a little music to carry you through to the end of your Wednesday. Feel free to sing along, unless you work in a cubicle.


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