10-Minute $2.50 Bathroom Counter Makeover

While most of our apartment is fairly clean, tidy, organized and presentable most of the time, the one exception is the bathroom counter. While we keep it clean in the ‘sanitary’ sense, we do not keep it tidy. It’s where clutter goes to die. It’s actually somewhat embarrassing to even show you the ‘before’ photos below, but alas, it must be done. Check out our 10-minute $2.50 makeover below!


Yep, it was really that bad. Disorganized chaos. Toothpaste everywhere. Stray bobby-pins threatening to take over.

A close-up, just to really cement our embarrassment.

But now, the makeover! I got these baskets and glass containers for $0.50 each at the local thrift shop, and the brand new candle-in-a-jar was in the free bin!

I cleared everything off the counter and gave it a good scrub-down with some diluted vinegar. Once that dried, I arranged the baskets and glass jars on the counter, and sorted products that we use on a regular basis into the different containers. I used the smallest basket for jewelry and my favourite lipsticks, the small glass canister for hair accessories that always get lost (like bobby pins, elastics, and hairbands), the mid-sized basket for things like tweezers, nail clippers, Advil, cotton balls, etc, and the largest basket for larger items like moisturizer, facewash, deodorant, and so on. Any products or items that aren’t used regularly were sorted into another container and put away in a drawer under the sink. Once the filled baskets were arranged on the counter, I added the vase with fresh flowers, the candle, some hand moisturizer, and a couple of stand-alone products like our perfume/cologne, and voila, makeover complete!


The close-up.

The full effect!

Cost Breakdown:

Vase: Free! (well, we already owned it – and Chris would like to point out that when we bought it a couple of years ago, we paid $2 for it)

Flowers: Free! (while walking downtown a couple of days ago, a local flower grower handed me a bouquet of pink lilies. They had accidentally doubled an order for a local flower shop and were trying to get rid of the extra flowers so they wouldn’t have to throw them out)

Baskets and glass containers: $0.50 x 5 = $2.50

Mini hand moisturizers: Free! (from a hotel! whoops!)




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