Couple Seeking Couples for Platonic Friendship…

One small downside to rural living is the deficiency of anyone over 18 but under 30. Theoretically they exist – we even checked the local census! – but finding them and befriending them is another story. We’ve been hoping to find some like-minded couples who are at roughly the same life stage as us, ie. past getting wasted every weekend and living in squalor, but not quite at the three-charming-children-and-a-mortgage phase.

Last night after a trip to get our taxes done, we decided on a whim to check out the new little Italian restaurant on the main street in town and grab some dinner. Shortly after arriving, a hip young couple about our age came in, and were seated a few tables away. We made eye contact, before both looking away. Glances continued to be exchanged throughout the meal, smiles were even exchanged as we passed their table to pay our bill, but alas, we remained too chicken to introduce ourselves.

It’s like dating all over again.



2 thoughts on “Couple Seeking Couples for Platonic Friendship…

  1. “It’s like dating all over again.” Heh, I love it.

    Anyway, I guess that’s the one downside of being friends with a lot of bright, goal-oriented people in high school — they all leave the quaint little town of Almonte, ON and make their way into the great big world as soon as they graduate!

    Great blog, guys.

    • True story! There’s a mass exodus out of small towns after high school due to the lack of jobs or post-secondary opportunities. Most ‘young professional’ types move to (and stay in) urban areas until they’re ready to have kids – so in a few years, I’m sure we’ll be overrun with people in our peer group. In the meantime, despite what the census says, we’re struggling to find people our age with similar interests!

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