The First Post

Titles aren’t our strong point, so we figured we’d go with the obvious.

I guess this is where we introduce ourselves. We should point out that whatever we write here will be shamelessly plagiarized for the ‘About Us’ column on the right, so if you want to streamline your reading experience, you can opt to skip this post altogether and just read the abridged version over this way –>

To sum it up, we are Rachel and Chris, more specifically, a couple in our mid-twenties bucking the trend of urban living and building a life together in rural Ontario.

Things we like that you may see on this blog? Cooking from scratch, self-sufficiency, gardening, homebrew, DIY and home design, road trips, simplifying, frugal living, flea-marketing and kijiji-ing, crafting, and photography.

So grab a cup of tea, or a martini if that’s more your style, sit back, and join us as we figure out this whole living a joyful, happy life thing.



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